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Much More Than a Puzzle: Sudoku

Although mathematical puzzles may be related to complex mathematical theories, they are so large and vivid that even an ordinary person can easily understand it. Just like Sudoku

The fun of the turning point in the history of mathematics begins in 2000 BC on the shores of China's Yellow River. According to legend, the Emperor Yu saw a turtle coming out of the river. It is a sacred turtle with black and white spots under the belly. Speckles show the first nine numbers and the sum of these numbers (row, column and corner to corner) is 15. The Chinese call this square Lo Shu and believe that it symbolizes the inner balance of the universe. We also define it as the magic square nowadays.

Fun-filled hours can be spent playing with magic squares and marveling at the harmony of patterns. Perhaps for this reason many people, whether or not professional mathematicians since the 18th century, have gone into the epidemic of creating a magic frame.

One of them was the Swiss mathematician Leon…
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A Mathematician with Mysteries: Von Neumann

For many people, mathematicians are just boring people dealing with numbers.

Neumann would have been a lot of fun if this comment had been lived. Neumann's life, as one of the greatest mathematicians of this century, has been a pioneer in the study of a book on atomic bombs and rockets, a review of poker and other games of chance, and the development of high-speed electronics, in addition to the excellent contributions to pure mathematics.

I wouldn't call it all boring!

John von Neumann was born in 1903 in Budapest, Hungary. His extraordinary mathematical skills were evident when he was six years old, and during the two decades of his education, he became known with the nickname "The Wonderful Child." It was his photographic memory that was more of a math skill than his people.

The years after secondary education led John von Neumann to Germany and Switzerland to seek excellent scientific education. After studying chemistry at the University of Berlin from 1921 to 1…

A Genius Mathematician: Bernhard Riemann

Think of a mathematician who has given meaning to the theory of many scientists and has put a lot of formulas into a 40-year short life; Bernhard Riemann.
Year 1854. Bernhard Riemann, a young scholar at the age of 28. He desires to be an Associate Professor. He worked on his associate professorship thesis for 30 months. In the final stage, he must teach in front of the jury. The jury will choose one of the three topics he expects and ask him to tell. The head of the jury is Carl Frideric Gauss. Gauss was a mathematician who became a legend in Europe at that time. Riemann, a young mathematician, has a timid structure that has avoided talking in the community since childhood. Feeling the fear of the lesson day makes the subject selection, handing over to the jury. Two of the subjects he chooses are electrical and geometry. He has worked hard on electrical issues; he knows that Gauss has been arguing with physicist Wilhelm Weber for years. He expects Gauss to ask him to explain one of th…

Painful Birth of Zero Number.

In the opening of new horizons, zero, sometimes cursed and sometimes indispensable figures, have a great influence on our books.

He was once accused of the devil's figure Bir

Then he was called the invention of the barbarians. 1299 In a Florence decree, we see that the Italian Florence bilingual guilds prohibit the use of Arabic numerals, especially "zero". A small note was also taken under the decision:, The use of this very uncommon figure outside the Arab countries can lead to great turmoil in trade da Karar

However, in response to this decision of the Florence ghetto, European traders, who began calculating on paper at that time, heavily used the zero number from the Arabs. Because without zero, it was almost impossible to make a written account with only Roman numerals.

Although it is quite late in Europe, it is seen that in many civilizations of antiquity, the concept of zero exists. In ancient Egypt, for example, a symbol was used instead of zero. On the other han…